The following is a list of my current and recent courses I've taught at either City University of New York, Queens College, at City University of New York LaGuardia Community College, at New York University, at Pratt Institute, or at Fordham University, Lincoln Center.

Fall 2024

  • Documentary Film (online, synchronous)
  • Contemporary Media (online, synchronous)
  • Media Criticism (online, synchronous)

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Guide to Quotations

Here are my suggestions for quoting, not quoting, and paraphrasing.

Guide to Citations

Here are my suggestions for citing for research sources.

A Note on Internet Sources

Did someone tell you never to use Wikipedia? They were wrong. I'm telling you that it is okay use it, but only if you use it right.

Contemporary Media

A survey of nine contemporary media institutions including their technical, economic, social, political and cultural implications. We will also examine the social and individual effects of these media, the policies that govern them, and their role in globalization.

Media Technologies

An overview of media technologies, including early writing and the printing press, the rise of mass culture and electronic media, and the digital revolution.

History of Broadcasting

An historical survey of US radio and television through an examination of their technologies, their institutions, and their programming forms and a study of their impacts on American culture and society. The course begins with the advent of broadcasting in the post–World War I era, the introduction of television in the post–World War II years, and the evolution of broadcasting in the post-network era at the turn of the twenty-first century.

History of Film

An historical survey of film from the advent of commercial motion pictures in the 1890s, the proliferation of national cinema movements throughout the 20th century, and the influence of each in the formation of a global film culture at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Media Criticism

This course will survey some and fundamental theories about mass media and culture. We will aggressively summarize, evaluate, and compare these writings and critical approaches for the purpose of questioning contemporary media as popular culture, a communications technology, a representational device, a commercial industry, a site for audience engagement, and a territory for cultural citizenship.

Experimental Film

Experimental Film surveys the major avant-garde film movements of the twentieth century. We will closely examine the films and theories of the film and filmmakers that challenge the dominant commercial cinemas of Europe and the United States.

Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing covers the six elements of film style and introduces students to identify and to analyze those elements in narrative and non-narrative film.

Latin American Film

A survey of film produced in Latin America nations since the mid-20th century. The course focuses on production on Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Brazil and the relationship between film, politics, and culture therein.

Introduction to New Media

This course examines the cultural impact of digital communications media, including nature of digital communication, the Internet, and with contemporary scholarship on new media and the institutions that impact it.

Introduction to Electronic Media

An examination of radio and television from cultural, aesthetic and historical perspectives, including the impact of digital media.

Introduction to Media Industries

An overview of the history, technology, and policy of mass media industries, including print, electronic, and digital media.

History of Cinema: 1880-1930

A survey of international film history from the beginnings of public film exhibition to the coming of sound.

New Technologies

This course surveys the key concepts and contemporary criticisms of digital technology and the Internet, including access, privacy, and political economy.

Early Film to World War II

A survey of film history from the beginnings of public film exhibition to the aftermath of World War II.

History of Cinema: 1970-Present

This course traces the development of new cinema movements from around the world, from 1970 to the present.

American Film Industry

An economic history of American film, including the Trust, studio system and modern conglomerates.

History of Film I

A study of international film from the beginnings of the cinema to fall of US studio system and rise of new waves.

Multichannel TV

A close examination of some of biggest changes to the US television industry and culture since the end of network dominance.

New York Independents

A cultural history of independent film production in New York City throughout the last fifty years.