I will take attendance at every class meeting and consider it in the evaluation of student performance.

All absences, whether excused or unexcused, are counted equally. The maximum number of absences is limited to 15% of the number of class hours. Note: Absences are counted from the first day of class even if they are a result of late registration or change of program.

This policy does not apply to fully asynchronous courses.

Verification of Attendance

You must be present or participating in class during the verification of attendance period. Otherwise, I will report you as not attending and you will be dropped from the class.

The verification period is as follows:

Academically-related activities include, but are not limited to:

Note: Logging into an online class is not sufficient, by itself, to demonstrate participation in an academically-related activity by the student.

Professionalism in In-Person Classes

Digital devices are prohibited in in-person classes. Unfortunately, students in the past have failed to use computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. in a professional, responsible, or productive manner, and, as such, you are not allowed to use these devices in class after the first class session.

You’re welcome to print out the slides ahead of time—they are often available on this website—and to take notes on paper. I recommend buying a spiral notebook, some nice pencils, and a portable pencil sharpener to do this.

Further, if I find you engaging in any other disruptive behavior, such as passing notes, instant messaging, chatting, photographing, or texting, I will remove you from the classroom and have you withdraw from the class.

Professionalism in Remote Classes

Students are expected to use proper language, wear appropriate attire, and be mindful of backgrounds that may or may not be distracting, offensive, or harassing to others when using virtual conference tools, such as Zoom.

Late Work

Please submit your work on time. In some cases, assignments due at the end of the term will not be accepted. In-class exams must be taken at the date and time listed below unless other we make other arrangements.

All other work will be penalized as follows:

Fall and Spring Courses
After a 24-hour grace period, late work will be penalized by a 10% reduction for each 24-hour period it is late. After one calendar week, the assignment will not be accepted, and you will likely fail this class.
Summer and Winter Courses
After a one-hour grace period, late work will be penalized by a 10% reduction up to 24 hours after the deadline. Late work will not be accepted after 24 hours.
All courses
No work will be accepted after the last class session.

“Incomplete” Grades

There are no incomplete grades for this class except in the case of a documented emergency in the final weeks of the semester. If you experience such an emergency, please contact me immediately, and we will work out a schedule for you to complete the outstanding work before the beginning of the following semester.

But aside from these circumstances, no late work will be accepted and no “incomplete” grades will be granted. If you have difficulty keeping up with coursework, consider giving yourself extra time to complete assignments, reducing your overall course load, and/or taking this class at a later semester.

No Extra Credit Assignments

There are no opportunities for extra credit. As a matter of fairness, your grade will be based on the work assigned to all students.


To maintain professionalism, always use your LaGuardia email account (@live.lagcc.cuny.edu) to email me, and also direct all emails to my jmonroy@lagcc.cuny.edu account. This is the only way I can communicate with you, other than face-to-face meetings or via video conferencing.

CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity

The CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity, as adopted by the Board, is available to all students. Academic dishonesty is prohibited in the City University of New York and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion.

This includes the use of homework helper sites, such as like chegg.com. These may not be used for class assignments. Students who use chegg.com or similar websites may be able to obtain an unfair advantage over other classmates. Gaining an unfair advantage is a violation of CUNY policy on academic integrity.

Use of Student Work

All programs in New York State undergo periodic reviews by accreditation agencies. For these purposes, samples of student work are occasionally made available to those professionals conducting the review. Anonymity is assured under these circumstances. If you do not wish to have your work made available for these purposes, please let the professor know before the start of the second class. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Online Netiquette

Please maintain a professional demeanor when posting online. You can be respectful even when you have a difference of opinion. Treat others as you’d want to be treated yourself. Don’t type in all caps, as that is the online equivalent of shouting. If you need to emphasize a word or phrase, use italics.

Campus Resources

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides counseling and wellness services that support and assist you in your intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social development while coping with the challenges of college and life stressors. The Wellness Center offers free and confidential counseling in a safe environment where individual and cultural differences are valued and respected. Services include: short-term individual counseling, crisis intervention, workshops, outreach and referrals to college community resources.

Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations, including Testing Accommodations, Note-Taking Assistance,Textbooks in Alternate Formats, Furniture and Room Accommodations, Assistive Technology, and Hearing Accommodations, should follow these procedures to receive accommodations.

For more information about services available to LaGuardia students, visit the Office of Student Disabilties.

Information Technology Support Services

The LaGuardia Office of Technology Support Services (TSS) offers assistance with computer acquisitions, installation, support, faculty/staff it help desk, server, storage, networks, support of smartclassroom, computer classrooms, and computer study halls. Blackboard support, technical support for faculty and students, computer training center.

Help with Writing

The Writing Center offers free professional tutoring on any aspect of any phase of any kind of writing, including:

For all this and more, for any academic course or other writing purpose, such as personal statements and essays for scholarships and transfer applications, the Writing Center offers friendly, skilled, trained professional tutors. The Writing Center is open to all LaGuardia students who have begun taking English courses, whether or not they are now taking an English course. Students taking content area courses such as social sciences, humanities, health services, and business administration make up almost half of the students who use the Writing Center each term.

To make an appointment, sign in into My LaGuardia and scroll down; the red “Writing Center Make Appointment” button is midway down the right side of the home page. NOTE: All students with online appointments, whether regular or Wait List, must check in fifteen minutes before the session time at WCLab@lagcc.cuny.edu. If they do not, they will not be connected to a tutor.