Media Criticism

This course will survey some contemporary and fundamental theories about mass media and culture. We will aggressively summarize, evaluate, and compare these writings and critical approaches for the purpose of questioning contemporary media as popular culture, a communications technology, a representational device, a commercial industry, a site for audience engagement, and a territory for cultural citizenship.


Juan Monroy
Office Hours: G Building, Rm 102-D, Friday, 12:30 – 1:30 PM


Course Materials

  1. We will be using Google Apps at QC
  2. We will not be using Blackboard.
  3. Use your QC Library card barcode or QC CAMS credentials to access the Reserve Readings.


  1. Attendance and Participation: Be Present!
  2. Readings: Read before class.
  3. Assignments: Finish work on time.
  4. Exams: Study and do well.


  1. Professionalism will get you everywhere.
  2. Late Work will be penalized.
  3. “Incomplete” Grades are reserved only for the most extraordinary cases.
  4. Academic Dishonesty will ruin your life.
  5. Curb your usage of Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones
  6. Check Your QC Email account.
  7. Students with Disabilities should consult the Office of Special Services.


Each assignment and exam is worth 20% of your final grade.

  1. Paper 1: Whither Popular Culture?, due October 5
  2. Midterm Exam, October 15
  3. Paper 2: Media and Culture Industries, due November 9
  4. Paper 3: Media Audiences and Citizenship, due December 14
  5. Final Exam, December 18, 1:45 PM

Schedule and Topics

  1. August 28: Welcome
  2. September 4: Mass Culture, Popular Culture
  3. September 11: Technology and Popular Culture
  4. September 18: Popular Culture and Political Power
  5. October 2: Representation and Power
  6. October 9: Media Technology and Social Reality
  7. October 16: Midterm Exam
  8. October 23: Media, Industry, and Economy
  9. October 30: Digital Media, Industry, and Economy
  10. November 6: Media Audiences
  11. November 13: Consumers and Producers
  12. November 20: Media and Citizenship
  13. December 4: Cultural Citizenship
  14. December 11: Citizenship and the Politic
  15. December 18: Final Exam

To-Do Today

  1. Buy the textbook by Laurie Oulette
  2. Carefully review the course website.
  3. Activate your Google Apps at QC account.
  4. Join the class on Google Classroom.
  5. Email me at, with Media Criticism in the subject line so I can add you to the class list.