In this video, I explain some paper writing tips that you should consider as you work from revising your draft to a final version that you will submit.

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Outline and Links

Revisiting Your Outline

From Outline to Essay

Empathy and Clarity

Introductory Paragraph

Topic Sentences

Topic Sentence Examples

Because McLuhan was a technological determinist, he envisioned only a one-way trajectory for the media, independent of economic or corporate constraints. He failed to anticipate that technologies that enable us to look out beyond our borders can also encourage us to gaze at our navels, and it has turned out that the latter use is more profitable and cost effective than the former.

Susan Douglas, “The Turn Within,” 94.

Unless you are a film historian, you probably don’t know who invented the movie, at least not the way you know who invented the telephone or the lightbulb. Such ignorance is usually a sign that the inventor was somehow bought out or suppressed, or failed to found his own industry in the manner of Alexander Bell. The American film industry is, rather, an instance of the Kronos effect: most of film’s inventors were co-opted by the reigning power of the entertainment industry, such as it was, namely the phonograph. As a consequence, if the American film industry can be said to have had a founder, it would be none other than the godfather of the gramophone, Thomas Edison.

Tim Wu, The Master Switch, Chapter 4


Double Space Everything

Word Document

Carefully Choose Your Verbs

Passive Voice

Quotes vs. Italics

Quotations within a Quotations

Never Let a Quote Stand Alone as a Sentence

Minimal Parenthetical Citations

References to Titles

References to Persons