Contemporary Media: Getting Started

Welcome to Media Studies 101, Contemporary Media, for this Spring 2022 semester.

Remote Online Course

This course will be conducted remotely over the Internet.

All course material, including links to graded assignments, is available on the course website at .

Most learning activities will be asynchronous, meaning that students complete learning activities on their own time by the deadlines noted on this course website.

We will meet for a weekly synchronous live discussion session, each Monday beginning at 7:00 PM, on Zoom.

This course consists of twelve modules on contemporary media. For each module, there will be:

  1. assigned readings from the required textbook
  2. a reading quiz covering the material you just read
  3. a set of pre-recorded video lectures
  4. comprehension questions on each video lecture
  5. live discussion session on Zoom

After six modules, there will be an exam on the material you covered.

You must complete each module, each quiz, and each exam by the deadline specified on this course website.

Live Discussion Session

There is a live discussion session each week on Zoom beginning on Monday, January 31, 7:00–8:00 PM EST on Zoom. Add these meetings to your calendar.

Join the session on Zoom by signing in using your CUNY Login. This article explains how to log in to Zoom using CUNY Login Credentials.

Attendance to the weekly discussion session is mandatory.

Course Website

The course website explains everything you need to know about the course. Please read it in full so you are informed about the course.

This course consists of twelve modules, each module will be released according to the following schedule and due the following Monday:

  1. Media, Communication, and Culture, available Tuesday, February 1
  2. Books, available Tuesday, February 8
  3. Newspapers, available Tuesday, February 15
  4. Magazines, available Tuesday, March 1
  5. Music, available Tuesday, March 8
  6. Radio, available Tuesday, March 15
  7. Movies, available Tuesday, March 29
  8. Television, available Tuesday, April 5
  9. Internet, available Tuesday, April 12
  10. Advertising and Public Relations, available Tuesday, April 26
  11. Media Economics, available Tuesday, May 3
  12. Media Regulation, available Tuesday, May 10

Lastly, there are two exams, based on the previous four modules:

Your final grade will be calculated on the following:

Please read the entire course website so you are aware of all the policies for this course.

Getting Started

To get started for now, complete the following tasks. There are instructions for these on the course website .

  1. Get the required textbook: Understanding Media and Culture, available from Open Textbook Library
  2. Complete the Welcome Survey . If you cannot complete this last step by Monday, February 14, 11:59 PM ET, please contact me. Otherwise I will have to report you as not attending the class and you will be dropped.
  3. Join the Live Discussion Session on Monday, January 31, 7:00–8:00 PM EST on Zoom and add these meetings to your calendar
  4. Begin work for Module 1

If you have any questions, please contact me. You can also schedule an Remote Office Hours appointment for us to talk.


Juan Monroy