Discuss these questions with the members of your breakout room. Select one member of your breakout room to present your answer to the large room after we close the breakout rooms.

Room 1

Identify the call letters and channel assignments for two broadcast television stations that serve New York City.

Room 2

Identify two broadcast television networks and who owns them. What broadcast stations—identify the call letters and channel assignments—serve New York City?

Room 3

Identify two multichannel television networks—sometimes referred to as cable channels. Who owns them?

Room 4

Who are the major television conglomerates in the United States? What broadcast or multichannel television networks?

Room 5

Who are the major MVPDs in the United States?

Room 6

Identify two digital streaming networks operating in the United States. Who owns them?

Room 7

What is the difference between off-network and first-run syndication?

Room 8

What is the difference between a rating and a share?