Discuss these questions with the members of your breakout room. Select one member of your breakout room to present your answer to the large room after we close the breakout rooms.

Room 1

What are two differences between mass communication and another level of communication?

Room 2

How do two forms of mass media serve the roles of mass communication?

Room 3

What are two differences between analog media and digital media?

Room 4

What is economic convergence? How is it difference from cultural convergence or global convergence?

Room 5

What is multimedia convergence? How does technological convergence make it possible?

Room 6

What is digitalization? What are some examples of digital mass media?

Room 7

How has digitalization impacted the production, distribution, and exhibition of motion pictures?

Room 8

Explain how two of the approaches to media literacy could be used to explain how media might exercise power over their audiences.