On the Final Exam, there will be five essay questions, randomly drawn from the following questions. You are advised to study these questions and prepare a response prior to the exam.

  1. How did AT&T come to control the telephone industry in the United States?
  2. In his essay “Movies Talk,” Scott Eyman claims that “sound changed everything.” What were two ways that sound “creatively destroyed” silent film?
  3. What were some early forms of exhibiting and watching motion pictures?
  4. What were some of possible uses for the phonograph when it was first invented? How did the changing culture of the late nineteenth century lead to the popularity of the phonograph?
  5. How did wireless telegraphy impact communication in the early years of the twentieth century?
  6. According to Michele Hilmes, who controlled programming early years of radio broadcasting?
  7. How did RCA come to control much of television’s early development?
  8. How did the World Wide Web help popularize the Internet?