Write a Film Research and Analysis essay about a New York City film, released after 1920, that is listed in my “Film and NYC” list on Letterboxd.

Your analysis should address both of the following:

  1. the style of the film using the formal elements we studied and are listed in Writing About Movies, on pages 39–50:
    • narrative
    • mise-en-scène
    • acting
    • cinematography
    • editing
    • sound
  2. the cultural meaning of the film, according to at least one of the following cultural dimensions, as described in chapter four of Writing About Movies:

    • representation of socioeconomic status
    • representation of gender
    • representation of race, ethnicity, national origin
    • representation of sexual orientation
    • genre conventions
    • aesthetic history
    • auteurism
    • social history

Use the writing exercises we’ve done throughout the semester to determine how you will analyze the film.


Write an essay, of at least 1,500 words, that analyzes the formal and cultural elements of the film you selected.

Your essay should include the following:

Format your document according to the following specifications:

Submit your Essay on Microsoft Teams under the assignment titled “Film Research and Analysis, Essay.” The deadline is listed on the course website.