Consult the assignment guidelines on the syllabus.

Student Film Date
Bandin, Jade V. A Movie April 11
Bowman, Dylan B. Ballet Mechanique January 31
Jessen, Austin C. Castro Street February 7
Langston, Ann K. Nostalgia April 18
Nicholas, Angie A. Manhatta February 14
Qi, Qi Rhythmus 21 January 31
Rattien, Mary Meshes of the Afternoon February 21
Sauchelli, Joseph T. Window Baby Water Moving March 28
Sciarrillo, Paige A. Go Go Go April 4
Starn, Jules D. Early Abstractions April 11
Tury, Autumn R. Berlin: Symphony of a Great City February 7
Xu, Huawei Bridges Go Round April 4
Zhang, Yiqian (Jack) Boomerang April 25