This sequence comes at the end of Gold Diggers of 1933. It is the big musical number that the characters have been practicing throughout the film. The musical number is set to the song “Forgotten Man,” in various different voices and arrangements.

Shot Analysis, Paragraph Option

Shot 1. Medium long shot. Director gestures to conductor to begin performance. 2 seconds.

Shot 2. Medium long shot. Conductor acknowledges director and begins conducting orchestra. 2 seconds.

Shot 3. Long shot. Curtain rises to begin performance, seen from back of the orchestra. 2 seconds.

Shot 4. Long shot.Onstage with street scene set, people walking, dolly shot towards white woman lighting fresh cigarette for man dressed in tattered clothes. 14 seconds.

Shot 5. Medium long shot. White woman and man exchange glances, man walks away. 11 seconds.

Shot 6. Medium close up. White woman leans on street light and speaks lines to “Forgotten Man”. 42 seconds.

Shot 7. Close up. White woman continues speaking lines from “Forgotten Man”. 75 seconds.

Shot 8. Medium close up. Another man walks on street, in silhouette, pan to black woman singing “Forgotten Man” from an open second-story window, pan to young, white woman holding baby in neighboring window, pan down first-story window to show elderly woman looking contemplatively, sitting in rocking chair. 30 seconds.

Shot 9. Medium close up. Return to black woman signing in second-story window. 10 seconds.

Shot 10. Medium long shot. Street scene with white woman walking past a man sleeping on the sidewalk and stopping a cop from arresting him for vagrancy. 15 seconds.

Shot 11. Extreme close up. Shot reveals man wearing a medal, presumably for combat service during the Great War. 4 seconds

Shot 12. Medium close up. All three persons are looking at each other: white woman looks at the cop, as if saying, “hasn’t he been through enough?”; man and cop walk away in different directions. 10 seconds.