Citizen Kane casts a strong shadow over the history of the cinema as one of the most innovative films of the twentieth century. The film has earned this reputation for several reasons.

  1. The film uses a unique approach to narrating the story events of Charles Foster Kane.
  2. The film uses mise-en-scéne to ground the narrative in a particular time and place, and makes heavy use of deep focus,
  3. The film borrows from the films of Jean Renoir, particularly The Grand Illusion and Rules of the Game.
  4. The film was celebrated by French film critics, such as André Bazin, who would revive the film in the post World War II years.
  5. Upon its release, the film received a lackluster commercial and critical response.


Written Assignment

Examine an extended scene from Citizen Kane that reflects one of the statements listed above. Your paper should be about 1,200 words in length (about six pages). Your research should begin with some of the sources listed below.

The written assignment is due on November 27.

Please make sure that you both: bring a hard copy to class, and upload a copy of your paper to the LMS.

Group Presentation

Each group will present their scene from Citizen Kane in class on November 27. The presentation should last about 20 minutes.

Each presentation should include any appropriate visuals, such as clips and slides to demonstrate their argument.

Research Sources

Use these sources to start your research. Feel free to contact me if you need help in evaluating other sources.