The FCC has redefined the benchmark speed for broadband service, thereby standardizing internet speeds.

The flu virus may be spreading by wild birds following their migratory paths.

Digital media is becoming beyond speed the new 5G is expected to affect the user experience in a whole new way.

California will allow the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads starting this year and the questions and troubles that come along with this new phenomenon.

With the speed of digital media increasing, it is resulting in billions of people connecting world wide.

In order to avoid misinformation and missteps online, people should be more cautious when conducting online activities and put emphasis on the truthfulness rather than the speed of spreading information.

There are too many TV shows and movies being produced at a high speed, which provides the viewers with more choices of entertainment, but in the mean time, it is another form of media overload that consumes too much of people’s time.

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, has made a proposal that promotes net neutrality, thereby opposing big cable companies who have threatened equal access and speed on the Internet.

This article states why the United States is not on the top percentile of internet speed because of its lack of competition in broadband industry.

Constantly being connected to technology has sped up our internal clock and one way to solve this problem is to concentrate on the present moment.

An article talking about an upcoming 5G update with a focus on speed, and the 5G being viewed as a material with a whole new structure.

In analyzing the immense decline in traffic of the homepage in recent years, it is evident that people are looking for quicker means of receiving information via digital media.

This article focuses on a new app that allows users to read even faster using Spritz speed-reading technology.

Google Fiber (the company’s revolutionary internet connection comparable to a public utility) is coming to 18 Southeast cities in the United States!

Netflix’s expansion into Cuba looks bleak for company profit.

John Oliver explains Net Neutrality in a satirical way and calls internet trolls to action to put their efforts – and freedom of speech – to good use and comment on FCC’s website, resulting in a crash.

In the past, in order for you to get your news, you had to go the newsstand to buy a newspaper. Today, with the internet and new technology, that has changed.

Although social media is all about instant documentation, the content is permanent evidence that emits fast conclusions.

The social media network planned to sell ads that target people based on what they’re posting in real time during the Super Bowl, including video ads that play automatically on the Facebook’s newsfeed of users.

A type of silicon called Silicene has the ability to create much faster computer chips and a group at University of Texas may have discovered how to create and control a transistor that has Silicene.