Congressional Republicans Call on F.C.C. to Release Internal Net Neutrality Document

Net neutrality faces a long road ahead as the FCC must decide how to enforce rules of an open Internet to secure a common ground for all involved.

Amazon Studios to Produce Movies for Theatrical, Digital Release in 2015

Amazon Studios said it will produce and acquire original movies for theatrical release and early-window distribution on Amazon Prime Instant Video starting in 2015.

Sundance Shocker: Sean Baker’s Tangerine Was Shot Entirely on iPhone 5s

Filmmaker Sean Baker revealed at the Sundance Film Festival that he shot his film Tangerine using only the iPhone 5s, marking an important shift in the art of filmmaking.

Digital Photography A Look Back

The revolution of photography into the digital future of instantaneous visual communication.

The New IOS App That Brings Back The Old Days of Photography

With the new app “WhiteAlbum” the art of photography is recreated through people taking pictures for themselves instead of for others.

Polaroid Cube: The Cutest Action Camera Yet

The idea of capturing an image through photography just got more portable and easy than ever via the introduction of the dice sized Polaroid Cube.


Social Media is so heavily relied on by a mass amount of people that its momentary crash becomes newsworthy [sort of].

Inside the Buzz-Fueled Media Startups Battling for Your Attention

Nowadays digital media are competing to be the first to grab people’s attention by using “clickbaits” and exclusive news so that we can click, read and share the stories they push.

31,000 people an hour are joining the social network Ello. The anti-Facebook, explained.

Ello is a social networking site created with an emphasis on maintaining the popular characteristics of a Facebook or a Twitter-type media while also combatting the use of advertisements which clutter them.

The problem with Instagram

Instagram photo sharing can stir up just as much trouble as anything else with its ability to mislead viewers.

This Chart Shows How Instagram Reached 150 Million Users In Half The Time Of Twitter

This article shows Instagram as the social media powerhouse in 2013 and will continue to grow due to its uniqueness.

App turns Instagram followers into real world freebies

An app, called Popular Pays, allows Instagram users with more than 500 followers to get freebies from participating brands if they post a photo of said freebies.

The ‘Cost of Caring’ on Social Media

While using social media does not directly correlate to stress in peoples’ lives-and in some cases can actually be a good thing- those whose digital use is tied to a higher awareness of their friends’ stress experience more stress themselves, something Pew Research Center calls “the cost of caring.”

Snapchat builds hub for news, media from more than just friends

Snapchat is expanding and collaborating with media and news corporations to give users access to more information in a ‘Discover’ section.

Snapchat breaks into media with Discover

Snapchat’s latest media play function, “Discover”, is a significant step in the company’s evolution from a fleeting messaging app to a major media platform.

Facebook To Buy Oculus VR, Maker Of The Rift Headset, For Around $2B In Cash and Stock

Facebook recently acquired Oculus VR, the maker of the Rift Headset, a virtual reality technology.

Facebook Says Experiments Prove Ads on Its Site Can Spur Donations

Recently, Facebook conducted an experiment for it users to show the direct relation between political ads and political donations; moreover, the results are positive and they show that the ads have improved the amount of money has raised after people saw the ads.

Snapchat Plans to Offer Original Media Content

The photo-messaging app will feature content from traditional media outlets like ESPN, CNN and National Geographic, and non-traditional ones like Vice and Yahoo, according to three sources briefed on the matter.

There’s A Reason Only The Weather Channel Is Calling The #BlizzardOf2015 ‘Winter Storm Juno’

The Northeast prepares for the biggest snow storm of the year which is schematically named Juno to drum up discussion on social media sites.

William Morris’ King launches new media company targeting multicultural market

A big name, Charles King, in the agency side of media has left William Morris Endeavor to create his own media agency: MACRO, aimed to start with a multicultural foundation.