Read the book assigned for that week, and understand the central argument. Come to class prepared to discuss it. Remember, you don’t have to understand everything, but you should be able to have an adult conversation about the book.

These are the books assigned for each week, call numbers for copies at the Library, ISBN for the paperback or hardback edition, in addition to the Kindle edition from Amazon, and the iBook from Apple.

Date Title Library ISBN Amazon Apple
October 15 The Googlization of Everything HD9696.8.U64 G669 2011 0520272897 Kindle N/A
October 22 Net Smart: How to Thrive Online HM851 .R52 2012 0262017458 Kindle iBook
October 29 Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age QA76.9.C66 R874 2010 159376426X Kindle iBook
November 5 Free Culture KF2979 .L47 2004 0143034650 Kindle iBook
November 12 The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You ZA4237 .P37 2011 0143121235 Kindle iBook
November 19 The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom HM851 .M665 2011 1610391063 Kindle iBook
November 26 Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators HM851 .S5464 2010 0143119583 Kindle iBook
December 3 Networked: The New Social Operating System HM741 .R35 2012 0262017199 Kindle iBook


If your group is selected to present, you should all be ready to present on the book’s major themes. Consider giving a brief summary of the book and discuss some of the issues that you considered while reading the book.

To encourage class participation, you may wish to prepare three review questions.


The group assigned to present that week should assign each member a specific chapter to discuss in detail. You should be able to summarize the main argument of the chapter as well as consider the validity of that argument.

You should also discuss any particular examples that might support, extend or even undermine the author’s argument.

The following table lists when you and your group is assigned to present.

Student Topic Date
Bocoum, Fatima Cognitive Surplus November 26
Bonamico, Ali Google October 15
Cataniciu, Marta I. Net Smarts October 22
Dec, Stefanie M. Networked December 3
Degnan, Caitlin E. Networked December 3
Eranovic, Angelica Cognitive Surplus November 26
Evans, Sharoya H. Program or Be Programmed October 29
Flood, James A. Filter Bubble November 12
Kawalski, Stephanie R. Net Delusion November 19
Kenney, Tessa M. Free Culture November 5
Mei, Susan Google October 15
Merrick, Gibson T. Net Smarts October 22
Movish, Max W. Net Delusion November 19
O’Brien, Connor J. Filter Bubble November 12
Pereira, Cinthya Program or Be Programmed October 29
Schairer, Kelly A. Free Culture November 5
Song, Rachel Google October 15
Wu, Gloria K. Filter Bubble November 12
Wyrembek, Elizabeth K. Cognitive Surplus November 26