Most commercial radio stations have a tightly controlled schedule, known as a hot clock.


Using two consecutive hours from a commercial radio station from where you lived before coming to Fordham and one in New York City, chronicle the programming elements and construct a hot clock for those radio stations. Include programming elements such as music (specific songs), DJ chatter, news/weather/sports breaks, station IDs, public service announcements, and advertisements. Please review chapter eight in Dominick, Sherman, and Messere for a description of a hot clock.

Write a 500-word, about three pages, report. Compare the programming for each station. Consider the logic of each station’s programming, the frequency of certain of programming elements, the specific daypart you surveyed, the geography of the radio market, and format of the radio station.

Create a visualization of each station’s hot clock for each hour, four in total. You may chose to do a circular graph or a table listing the time of day and programming elements.


This assignment is due before class on October 7.