Select a new or returning television program, premiering during the fall season, and follow the coverage it receives in the trade and popular press. Write a 1000-word, about five page, paper documenting the coverage.

Your report should be both comprehensive but also focused on one or two observations you find in your research. Include at least twelve sources, consisting mostly of trade sources but can also include popular sources if they are appropriate, but make sure that those sources support your overall findings.

Cite your sources using the specifications from the MLA Handbook or the notes-bibliography system from the Chicago Manual of Style.

The paper is due in class on Wednesday, November 28, as hard copy. Please remember to also submit a digital copy to Blackboard by the end of the day.

Finding Articles

You can find articles from the trade press using the research databases aavailable through the Fordham University Library website. I recommend using Proquest and LexisNexis, limiting your search to magazines, newspapers, and trade press, and restricting the date range to the last twelve months.

This video will demonstrate how to find trade press articles using both Proquest and LexisNexis.

For additional research assistance, consult the Communication and Media Studies Library Guide.