New York City offers an extraordinary number of resources and institutions devoted to exhibiting, studying, curating, preserving film, as well as entire industries that support filmmaking in the city.

On your own time during the semester, you are required to visit two film sites in New York City, and write two reports for each field trip that describe your experience at each site.

New York City Film Sites

Free and Discounted Admission

As a currently enrolled CUNY student, you can get free admission to the Museum of Modern Art by showing your valid ID at the ticket office. This applies for both admission to the museum and to the film screenings.

For other museums, you can get free admission through Culture Pass. You need to have a valid library account with the New York Public Library, Queens Public Library, or the Brooklyn Public Library. Conditions apply, including required advanced reservations.


Write a report that describes your experience at one of these film sites.


Your report must be in paragraph form and address most of the topics listed in the prompt.