Provide the four-digit year that each of the following events occurred.

  1. The Soviet Union collapses.
  2. Mark Anderseen at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications releases Mosiac, the first graphical browser for the World Wide Web, a set of documents linked on the Internet based on the concept of Tim Berners-Lee.
  3. Under Mao Zedong, Communists establish the People’s Republic of China.
  4. Soviet Union introduces a policy of openness, known as “glasnost.”
  5. Warsaw Pact between the Soviet Union and seven satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe formed.
  6. Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries begins an oil embargo.
  7. Along with Apocalypse Now, the release of Heaven’s Gate and its cost overruns end the period of auteurist filmmaking in the US, known as “New Hollywood.”
  8. Danish filmmakers Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier issue the Dogme Manifesto, a pledge to make simple, inexpensive films.
  9. Sony acquires Columbia Pictures from Coca-Cola.
  10. A group of young German filmmakers issue the Oberhausen Manifesto.
  11. France grants Algeria independence, a symbolic end to French imperialism in Africa.
  12. Students and intellectuals launch the Tiananmen Square protests calling for economic and democratic reforms.
  13. The Motion Picture Association of America institutes an age-based content rating system, designed to segment audiences into age brackets.
  14. US forces leave Vietnam.
  15. Universal Pictures releases Jaws on over 500 screens in the United States preceded by a “blockbuster” television advertising campaign.
  16. Tet Offensive in Vietnam changes US public opinion largely against the Vietnam War.
  17. Berlin Wall is torn down, signaling a fall of many authoritarian communist regimes in Europe.
  18. Soviet forces halt the reforms of state-run Communism called for in the Prague Spring.
  19. Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin meet at the Yalta Conference to reorganize post–World War II Europe .
  20. General strikes and student protests overtake France against the Charles de Gaulle regime.
  21. Benito Mussolini is executed, leading to the liberation of Italy.
  22. A group of filmmakers, collectively known as the Fifth Generation, including Zhang Yimou, graduate the Beijing Film Academy.
  23. Egypt and Syria launch a military offense against Israel, later known as the Yom Kippur War.
  24. USSR launches Sputnik, thereby starting the “Space Race” with the US.
  25. UK completes hand-over of Hong Kong to China.

Please bring a hard copy—of these events and your responses—to class on Friday, February 5.